Lyra2rev2 Mining Profit Calculator

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Miner Brand & Model Algos Hashrate Power Profit / Day
Lyra2REv2 12.96Gh/s 1110W $-2.13/day
Lyra2REv2 7.25Gh/s 1200W $-2.30/day
Lyra2REv2 6.8Gh/s 1200W $-2.30/day
Lyra2REv2 13Gh/s 1500W $-2.88/day

Lyra2rev2 is a relatively energy-efficient algorithm that was designed to be more accessible to individual miners, which makes it a more democratic option for those looking to participate in the mining process. Its high level of security and accessibility have made it a popular choice for cryptocurrencies seeking to maintain a fair and decentralized network. By requiring a large amount of memory, Lyra2rev2 makes it more difficult and costly to develop specialized hardware optimized for mining, and therefore, helps to keep the mining process decentralized and accessible to a wider range of participants. Additionally, the use of multiple hash functions provides an extra layer of security against potential vulnerabilities or attacks. Lyra2REv2 is an algorithm that is truly revolutionizing the cryptocurrency world. It's an algorithm thats using a new method of hashing that reduces the amount of energy needed for mining. This makes it an eco-friendly, sustainable option for the future of cryptocurrency Lyra2rev2 enables true decentralization, something the network desperately needs to remain robust. As traditional hashing, Lyra2rev2 produces a different output each time and is entirely resistant to ASIC technology.