X11 Mining Profit Calculator

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Miner Brand & Model Algos Hashrate Power Profit / Day
X11 1.77Th/s 2839W $3.52/day
X11 1.286Th/s 3148W $-0.57/day
X11 600Mh/s 345W $-0.99/day
X11 262Gh/s 1420W $-2.36/day
X11 32.5Gh/s 750W $-1.95/day
X11 22Gh/s 810W $-2.19/day
X11 10.8Gh/s 810W $-2.26/day
X11 440Gh/s 2200W $-3.43/day
X11 21Gh/s 900W $-2.45/day
X11 19Gh/s 900W $-2.47/day
X11 15Gh/s 1200W $-3.36/day
X11 119Gh/s 1566W $-3.72/day
X11 17.5Gh/s 1280W $-3.57/day
X11 19.3Gh/s 1350W $-3.76/day
X11 65Gh/s 1500W $-3.89/day
X11 56Gh/s 2100W $-5.68/day
X11 48Gh/s 2200W $-6.02/day
X11 540Gh/s 4400W $-9.10/day

The X11 Algorithm is a consensus mechanism used in various cryptocurrencies, such as Dash. Its aim was to increase the security of the network and prevent centralization by using a combination of 11 different hash functions. X11 was also more energy efficient compared to other algorithms as it required less computational power to process transactions which made it more accessible to a wider range of users and devices. Additionally, X11 could be easily adjusted to support different types of transactions providing the network with greater stability and resilience against potential attacks; overall X11 contributed to the security, efficiency, and decentralization of many cryptocurrencies. X11 is a combination of 11 different hash functions. This makes it stronger than other algorithms that only use one or two. The 11 hash functions are blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein and luffa.