ASIC Miner Profit Calculator

Our mining calculator is the ultimate tool for discovering the most lucrative miners. You can effortlessly switch between the widely used currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, AED, CAD, AUD, THB, ETH, and BTC. With the option to set your electricity costs to three decimal places, you can ensure precise results. To make things even easier, we've included a comprehensive table of the top miners and detailed tables for each crypto algorithm. You'll be able to quickly and easily identify the mineable coins for each algorithm thanks to our helpful coin images.

Miner Brand & Model Algos Hashrate Power Profit / Day
KHeavyHash 9.4Th/s 3500W $34.23/day
KHeavyHash 8.3Th/s 3188W $30.03/day
KHeavyHash 8Th/s 3200W $28.71/day
KHeavyHash 6Th/s 3400W $19.61/day
Cuckatoo32 36GPS 2800W $0/day
KHeavyHash 2Th/s 1200W $6.41/day
SHA-256 335Th/s 5360W $10.24/day
SHA-256 390Th/s 7215W $10.04/day
etchash 5.8Gh/s 1900W $7.30/day
SHA-256 298Th/s 5513W $7.67/day
X11 1.77Th/s 2839W $0.01/day
SHA-256 334Th/s 6646W $7.71/day
SHA-256 280Th/s 5572W $6.46/day
KHeavyHash 1Th/s 600W $3.20/day
KADENA 166Th/s 3154W $0.41/day
SHA-256 200Th/s 3550W $5.44/day
SHA-256 255Th/s 5304W $5.44/day
SHA-256 186Th/s 3441W $4.79/day
SHA-256 190Th/s 3610W $4.71/day
Blake2B-Sia 17Th/s 3300W $0/day
SHA-256 172Th/s 3422W $3.97/day
RandomX 212kh/s 1350W $0/day
Handshake 9.0Th/s 2079W $0/day
etchash 3.68Gh/s 2200W $2.72/day
etchash 1.95Gh/s 620W $2.49/day
etchash 2.5Gh/s 1200W $2.42/day
SHA-256 150Th/s 3230W $2.99/day
X11 1.286Th/s 3148W $-2.08/day
SHA-256 140Th/s 3010W $2.80/day
2 4.3Th/s 3250W $0/day
etchash 4.25Gh/s 3315W $1.66/day
Scrypt 9.5Gh/s 3425W $11.33/day
SHA-256 136Th/s 3264W $2.07/day
Scrypt 9.3Gh/s 3425W $10.95/day
CryptoNightR 13.92kh/s 61W $-0.12/day
etchash 1.04Gh/s 480W $1.04/day
KHeavyHash 200Gh/s 100W $0.68/day
SHA-256 260Th/s 6760W $2.95/day
Scrypt 9.16Gh/s 3425W $10.68/day
2 11Th/s 2820W $0/day
SHA-256 135Th/s 3310W $1.92/day
etchash 840Mh/s 340W $0.93/day
Scrypt 9.05Gh/s 3425W $10.48/day
Blake256R14 52Th/s 2200W $0/day
SHA-256 130Th/s 3250W $1.73/day
SHA-256 212Th/s 5550W $2.33/day
2 3.7Th/s 3400W $0/day
Scrypt 8.8Gh/s 3425W $10.01/day
etchash 2.4Gh/s 1920W $0.85/day
Blake2B-Sia 4.4Th/s 950W $0/day
etchash 520Mh/s 240W $0.52/day
SHA-256 126Th/s 3276W $1.43/day
etchash 3.6Gh/s 3100W $0.85/day
Blake2B-Sia 12Th/s 3150W $0/day
KHeavyHash 100Gh/s 65W $0.31/day
Blake256R14 48Th/s 2200W $0/day
etchash 1.55Gh/s 1240W $0.55/day
etchash 450Mh/s 240W $0.39/day
2 1.9Th/s 400W $0/day
etchash 400Mh/s 232W $0.31/day
Cuckatoo32 1.2GPS 120W $0/day
Blake256R14 35Th/s 1610W $0/day
etchash 950Mh/s 750W $0.35/day
Handshake 2.0Th/s 2000W $0/day
2 1.36Th/s 1250W $0/day
etchash 200Mh/s 116W $0.15/day
etchash 330Mh/s 240W $0.16/day
etchash 330Mh/s 240W $0.16/day
SHA-256 198Th/s 5445W $1.68/day
Blake2B-Sia 900Gh/s 200W $0/day
etchash 280Mh/s 220W $0.11/day
etchash 300Mh/s 240W $0.11/day
5 160Gh/s 410W $0/day
SHA-256 122Th/s 3355W $1.03/day
etchash 65Mh/s 30W $0.07/day
Handshake 930Gh/s 930W $0/day
etchash 260Mh/s 220W $0.07/day
etchash 130Mh/s 104W $0.05/day
2 2.7Th/s 2650W $0/day
2 460Gh/s 400W $0/day
5 2.611Gh/s 784W $0/day
2 235Gh/s 230W $0/day
etchash 280Mh/s 270W $0.01/day
6 150Mh/s 50W $0/day
8 28Gh/s 1300W $0/day
8 10Gh/s 630W $0/day
6 300Mh/s 90W $0/day
Scrypt 650Mh/s 400W $0.46/day
2 20kh/s 60W $0/day
Lbry 87Gh/s 80W $-0.07/day
Handshake 105Gh/s 115W $0/day
6 600Mh/s 192W $0/day
2 40kh/s 120W $0/day
Lbry 175Gh/s 162W $-0.15/day
Blake256R14 34Th/s 1800W $0/day
Scrypt 420Mh/s 400W $0.02/day
6 900Mh/s 270W $0/day
CryptoNight 80kh/s 175W $0/day
Scrypt 205Mh/s 220W $-0.04/day
SHA-256 114Th/s 3306W $0.64/day
KADENA 2.6Th/s 230W $-0.34/day
KADENA 5Th/s 400W $-0.57/day
KADENA 1.6Th/s 205W $-0.33/day
Scrypt 185Mh/s 233W $-0.10/day
SHA-256 194Th/s 5550W $1.23/day
Blake256R14 340Gh/s 180W $0/day
SHA-256 96Th/s 2832W $0.44/day
Eaglesong 1.05Th/s 215W $-0.22/day
SHA-256 104Th/s 3068W $0.48/day
2 70kh/s 240W $0/day
SHA-256 110Th/s 3250W $0.50/day
2 2.1Th/s 400W $0/day
6 2Gh/s 450W $0/day
SHA-256 110Th/s 3300W $0.40/day
4 320Gh/s 1100W $0/day
CryptoNight 160kh/s 350W $0/day
SHA-256 100Th/s 3050W $0.27/day
Equihash 10ksol/s 300W $-0.58/day
SHA-256 230Th/s 6670W $1.29/day
etchash 500Mh/s 750W $-0.50/day
2 550Gh/s 450W $0/day
SHA-256 177Th/s 5221W $0.82/day
2 30kh/s 350W $0/day
2 27kh/s 350W $0/day
X11 600Mh/s 345W $-0.66/day
2 550Gh/s 500W $0/day
CryptoNight 220kh/s 465W $0/day
SHA-256 478Gh/s 366W $-0.67/day
CryptoNight 240kh/s 480W $0/day
Tensority 780h/s 360W $0/day
SHA-256 112Th/s 3472W $0.20/day
Equihash 840ksol/s 2560W $-4.91/day
2 28Th/s 1596W $0/day
Tensority 1kh/s 380W $0/day
3 850Mh/s 1450W $0/day
Equihash 420ksol/s 1510W $-2.90/day
Blake256R14 1.2Th/s 500W $0/day
Blake2B-Sia 6.8Th/s 2350W $0/day
Scrypt 620Mh/s 750W $-0.27/day
Equihash 50ksol/s 620W $-1.19/day
etchash 500Mh/s 960W $-0.90/day
2 240kh/s 650W $0/day
Tensority 96kh/s 528W $0/day
SHA-256 242Th/s 7260W $0.89/day
SHA-256 1.155Th/s 590W $-1.06/day
etchash 190Mh/s 760W $-1.10/day
SHA-256 50Th/s 1975W $-0.73/day
Scrypt 504Mh/s 800W $-0.59/day
2 1.1Th/s 900W $0/day
X11 262Gh/s 1420W $-1.92/day
SHA-256 8.7Th/s 845W $-1.09/day
SHA-256 95Th/s 3250W $-0.42/day
SHA-256 2.7Th/s 697W $-1.17/day
SHA-256 53Th/s 2094W $-0.77/day
SHA-256 100Th/s 3400W $-0.40/day
etchash 180Mh/s 800W $-1.20/day
KADENA 6Th/s 830W $-1.36/day
2 23Th/s 1541W $0/day
X11 32.5Gh/s 750W $-1.34/day
Scrypt 600Mh/s 850W $-0.50/day
etchash 750Mh/s 1350W $-1.18/day
KADENA 5.3Th/s 835W $-1.40/day
Scrypt 580Mh/s 942W $-0.72/day
Scrypt 860Mh/s 1079W $-0.45/day
Scrypt 550Mh/s 950W $-0.79/day
X11 22Gh/s 810W $-1.49/day
SHA-256 90Th/s 3250W $-0.73/day
SHA-256 52Th/s 2800W $-2.19/day
SHA-256 44Th/s 1980W $-1.11/day
SHA-256 8.5Th/s 1000W $-1.40/day
Scrypt 1.62Gh/s 1450W $0.27/day
X11 10.8Gh/s 810W $-1.52/day
2 1.36Gh/s 1850W $0/day
Blake256R14 2.1Th/s 900W $0/day
Scrypt 596Mh/s 1050W $-0.89/day
4 25Th/s 2050W $0/day
SHA-256 11.5Th/s 1127W $-1.46/day
X11 440Gh/s 2200W $-2.87/day
KADENA 16.2Th/s 1330W $-1.92/day
SHA-256 84Th/s 3150W $-0.90/day
SHA-256 46Th/s 2100W $-1.21/day
X11 21Gh/s 900W $-1.66/day
SHA-256 16Th/s 1280W $-1.48/day
X11 19Gh/s 900W $-1.67/day
Equihash 42ksol/s 970W $-1.86/day
SHA-256 12.5Th/s 1225W $-1.59/day
SHA-256 86Th/s 3268W $-1.01/day
Blake256R14 2.4Th/s 1000W $0/day
SHA-256 11.5Th/s 1200W $-1.60/day
SHA-256 73Th/s 2920W $-1.13/day
Eaglesong 63.5Th/s 3080W $6.00/day
SHA-256 88Th/s 3344W $-1.03/day
SHA-256 6.3Th/s 1077W $-1.68/day
SHA-256 43Th/s 2100W $-1.40/day
Lbry 1.62Th/s 1450W $-1.31/day
SHA-256 13.6Th/s 1290W $-1.64/day
Blake256R14 3.1Th/s 980W $0/day
SHA-256 53Th/s 2385W $-1.33/day
SHA-256 4Th/s 1027W $-1.73/day
SHA-256 90Th/s 3420W $-1.05/day
SHA-256 13Th/s 1280W $-1.66/day
SHA-256 14Th/s 1320W $-1.68/day
Scrypt 280Mh/s 1050W $-1.49/day
SHA-256 13.5Th/s 1310W $-1.69/day
SHA-256 16Th/s 1380W $-1.67/day
SHA-256 13Th/s 1300W $-1.70/day
SHA-256 7.3Th/s 1150W $-1.76/day
SHA-256 14.5Th/s 1350W $-1.70/day
SHA-256 13.5Th/s 1323W $-1.71/day
SHA-256 20.5Th/s 1530W $-1.68/day
SHA-256 56Th/s 2520W $-1.41/day
etchash 1.5Gh/s 2350W $-1.68/day
Scrypt 1.23Gh/s 1500W $-0.56/day
2 2.2Th/s 1600W $0/day
SHA-256 14Th/s 1372W $-1.78/day
Eaglesong 6.3Th/s 1200W $-1.12/day
SHA-256 12Th/s 1320W $-1.80/day
SHA-256 22Th/s 1700W $-1.92/day
etchash 220Mh/s 1200W $-1.89/day
SHA-256 31Th/s 1860W $-1.67/day
SHA-256 37Th/s 2035W $-1.64/day
Blake256R14 7.8Th/s 1410W $0/day
SHA-256 164Th/s 5576W $-0.66/day
SHA-256 84Th/s 3360W $-1.30/day
SHA-256 16Th/s 1480W $-1.86/day
SHA-256 13.5Th/s 1420W $-1.90/day
SHA-256 9Th/s 1300W $-1.94/day
Blake256R14 11Th/s 1600W $0/day
KADENA 70Th/s 3300W $-3.61/day
SHA-256 158Th/s 5451W $-0.78/day
SHA-256 158Th/s 5451W $-0.78/day
Equihash 135ksol/s 1418W $-2.72/day
SHA-256 39Th/s 2150W $-1.74/day
Lyra2REv2 12.96Gh/s 1110W $-2.13/day
SHA-256 40Th/s 2200W $-1.77/day
Blake256R14 2.8Th/s 1230W $0/day
SHA-256 17.2Th/s 1570W $-1.96/day
SHA-256 64Th/s 2880W $-1.61/day
SHA-256 50Th/s 2500W $-1.74/day
SHA-256 30Th/s 1950W $-1.91/day
SHA-256 11.5Th/s 1450W $-2.08/day
SHA-256 60Th/s 2800W $-1.70/day
SHA-256 80Th/s 3360W $-1.55/day
SHA-256 10.5Th/s 1432W $-2.11/day
SHA-256 20Th/s 1700W $-2.04/day
SHA-256 18Th/s 1650W $-2.07/day
SHA-256 81Th/s 3400W $-1.56/day
X11 15Gh/s 1200W $-2.26/day
SHA-256 4.73Th/s 1293W $-2.19/day
Scrypt 2.2Gh/s 2100W $0.11/day
Lyra2REv2 7.25Gh/s 1200W $-2.30/day
Lyra2REv2 6.8Gh/s 1200W $-2.30/day
Equihash 140ksol/s 1550W $-2.97/day
X11 119Gh/s 1566W $-2.64/day
Blake256R14 12.8Th/s 1850W $0/day
Scrypt 2.05Gh/s 2080W $-0.13/day
X11 17.5Gh/s 1280W $-2.40/day
SHA-256 18Th/s 1728W $-2.21/day
SHA-256 33Th/s 2145W $-2.10/day
SHA-256 12.5Th/s 1576W $-2.26/day
SHA-256 76Th/s 3220W $-1.53/day
Equihash 120ksol/s 1550W $-2.98/day
Blake2B 815Gh/s 1275W $0/day
SHA-256 74Th/s 3330W $-1.86/day
SHA-256 44Th/s 2500W $-2.10/day
SHA-256 24Th/s 1950W $-2.27/day
X11 19.3Gh/s 1350W $-2.53/day
X11 65Gh/s 1500W $-2.68/day
SHA-256 32Th/s 2200W $-2.26/day
SHA-256 24Th/s 1980W $-2.33/day
SHA-256 16Th/s 1760W $-2.40/day
Blake2B 4.3Th/s 1350W $0/day
SHA-256 28Th/s 2100W $-2.32/day
Blake2B 3.83Th/s 1380W $0/day
Eaglesong 1.55Th/s 1380W $-2.36/day
SHA-256 60Th/s 3000W $-2.08/day
SHA-256 37Th/s 2380W $-2.30/day
SHA-256 70Th/s 3300W $-2.05/day
SHA-256 26Th/s 2100W $-2.44/day
SHA-256 145Th/s 5438W $-1.56/day
SHA-256 24.5Th/s 2100W $-2.53/day
SHA-256 64Th/s 3200W $-2.22/day
SHA-256 53Th/s 2915W $-2.35/day
Lyra2REv2 13Gh/s 1500W $-2.88/day
SHA-256 68Th/s 3360W $-2.28/day
2 30Th/s 2400W $0/day
KADENA 25.3Th/s 2300W $-3.43/day
Blake2B 7Th/s 1600W $0/day
SHA-256 63Th/s 3276W $-2.43/day
SHA-256 68Th/s 3420W $-2.40/day
Eaglesong 1.13Th/s 1580W $-2.82/day
SHA-256 23Th/s 2200W $-2.81/day
SHA-256 66Th/s 3432W $-2.55/day
SHA-256 62Th/s 3348W $-2.63/day
KADENA 29.2Th/s 2630W $-3.91/day
SHA-256 12Th/s 2000W $-3.10/day
KADENA 18Th/s 2250W $-3.62/day
SHA-256 33Th/s 2600W $-2.97/day
SHA-256 12.5Th/s 2050W $-3.17/day
SHA-256 50Th/s 3100W $-2.89/day
SHA-256 57Th/s 3300W $-2.84/day
2 7Th/s 2100W $0/day
KADENA 15Th/s 2250W $-3.74/day
Scrypt 3.35Gh/s 3200W $0.17/day
Blake256R14 6Th/s 2100W $0/day
Blake256R14 6Th/s 2100W $0/day
SHA-256 56Th/s 3360W $-3.02/day
SHA-256 50Th/s 3250W $-3.18/day
X11 56Gh/s 2100W $-3.86/day
SHA-256 55Th/s 3500W $-3.35/day
Eaglesong 12Th/s 2400W $-2.36/day
X11 48Gh/s 2200W $-4.08/day
Scrypt 2.45Gh/s 3100W $-1.34/day
KADENA 40.2Th/s 3350W $-4.87/day
Eaglesong 6.6Th/s 2400W $-3.37/day
KADENA 32Th/s 3200W $-4.90/day
KADENA 24.5Th/s 3000W $-4.81/day
Eaglesong 25Th/s 3300W $-1.65/day
SHA-256 33Th/s 3417W $-4.54/day
Eaglesong 3Th/s 2700W $-4.62/day
Eaglesong 19.3Th/s 3300W $-2.72/day
X11 540Gh/s 4400W $-6.78/day
Eaglesong 17Th/s 3300W $-3.15/day
Handshake 88Gh/s 2800W $0/day
SHA-256 25Th/s 3500W $-5.19/day
SHA-256 49Th/s 5400W $-7.37/day
SHA-256 34Th/s 5000W $-7.52/day
SHA-256 80Th/s 6300W $-7.19/day
SHA-256 49Th/s 6400W $-9.29/day
KHeavyHash 21Th/s 3150W $85.43/day
KHeavyHash 20Th/s 3000W $81.36/day
KHeavyHash 10.5Th/s 3400W $39.21/day
SHA-256 234Th/s 3550W $7.52/day
KHeavyHash 12Th/s 3400W $45.75/day
KHeavyHash 10Th/s 3400W $37.03/day
KHeavyHash 11Th/s 3400W $41.39/day
SHA-256 195Th/s 3400W $5.42/day
SHA-256 184Th/s 5060W $1.56/day
SHA-256 191Th/s 5445W $1.25/day
SHA-256 195Th/s 5445W $1.49/day
SHA-256 188Th/s 3290W $5.20/day
SHA-256 117Th/s 3355W $0.73/day
SHA-256 120Th/s 2760W $2.05/day
SHA-256 226Th/s 6820W $0.75/day
SHA-256 134Th/s 3010W $2.43/day
SHA-256 235Th/s 5170W $4.47/day
SHA-256 117Th/s 3442W $0.56/day
KHeavyHash 7.3Th/s 3188W $25.68/day
Scrypt 11.0Gh/s 3420W $14.16/day
Scrypt 8.55Gh/s 3425W $9.54/day
Scrypt 16.2Gh/s 3260W $24.27/day
Alephium 8.0Th/s 3200W $706.30/day
Eaglesong 58Th/s 3080W $4.96/day
Alephium 360Gh/s 180W $31.71/day
Scrypt 14Gh/s 3950W $18.80/day
SHA-256 185Th/s 3420W $4.77/day
KHeavyHash 1.6Th/s 600W $5.82/day
KHeavyHash 400Gh/s 100W $1.55/day
KHeavyHash 15Th/s 3400W $58.81/day
KHeavyHash 9Th/s 3400W $32.68/day

Our cutting-edge mining calculator provides a comprehensive overview of the top 5 crypto algorithms, making it simple for you to identify the most profitable options for your setup. Our algorithm tables are updated regularly to reflect the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency mining, and offer an in-depth look at the top performing algorithms in terms of profitability and popularity.