Equihash Mining Profit Calculator

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Miner Brand & Model Algos Hashrate Power Profit / Day
Equihash 10ksol/s 300W $-0.58/day
Equihash 840ksol/s 2560W $-4.91/day
Equihash 420ksol/s 1510W $-2.89/day
Equihash 50ksol/s 620W $-1.19/day
Equihash 42ksol/s 970W $-1.86/day
Equihash 135ksol/s 1418W $-2.72/day
Equihash 140ksol/s 1550W $-2.97/day
Equihash 120ksol/s 1550W $-2.97/day

Equihash's focus on decentralization and security is a result of its unique construction, which is based on the general computational difficulty of solving the algorithm. Its mathematical problem is constructed in such a way that it requires a significant amount of memory to solve, which makes it more difficult for ASICs to perform efficiently. This is in contrast to other mining algorithms that rely more on computational power and speed. The Equihash algorithm has also been optimized for the use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in mining, which are more commonly available and affordable than specialized mining hardware. This makes it easier for individuals to participate in the network, further promoting decentralization. Equihash is a popular and widely used algorithm in the world of cryptocurrency mining, with other projects such as Bitcoin Gold and Komodo also utilizing it. This versatility and compatibility make it an attractive choice for those who want to diversify their mining portfolio or experiment with new projects.