Etchash Mining Profit Calculator

With our mining calculator, finding the most profitable miners has never been simpler. Whether you prefer to use USD, EUR, GBP, AED, CAD, AUD, THB, ETH, or BTC, our calculator has you covered. Our calculator also allows you to set your electricity costs with up to three decimal places, ensuring accuracy. To make your experience even better, we've put together an overview table of the top miners and separate tables for each crypto algorithm. You can easily see which mineable coins are available for each algorithm with our visually engaging coin images.

Miner Brand & Model Algos Hashrate Power Profit / Day
etchash 5.8Gh/s 1900W $12.13/day
etchash 3.68Gh/s 2200W $5.79/day
etchash 1.95Gh/s 620W $4.11/day
etchash 2.5Gh/s 1200W $4.50/day
etchash 4.25Gh/s 3315W $5.20/day
etchash 1.04Gh/s 480W $1.91/day
etchash 840Mh/s 340W $1.63/day
etchash 2.4Gh/s 1920W $2.84/day
etchash 520Mh/s 240W $0.95/day
etchash 3.6Gh/s 3100W $3.84/day
etchash 1.55Gh/s 1240W $1.84/day
etchash 450Mh/s 240W $0.76/day
etchash 400Mh/s 232W $0.64/day
etchash 950Mh/s 750W $1.14/day
etchash 200Mh/s 116W $0.32/day
etchash 330Mh/s 240W $0.44/day
etchash 330Mh/s 240W $0.44/day
etchash 280Mh/s 220W $0.34/day
etchash 300Mh/s 240W $0.36/day
etchash 65Mh/s 30W $0.12/day
etchash 260Mh/s 220W $0.28/day
etchash 130Mh/s 104W $0.15/day
etchash 280Mh/s 270W $0.24/day
etchash 500Mh/s 750W $-0.08/day
etchash 500Mh/s 960W $-0.48/day
etchash 190Mh/s 760W $-0.94/day
etchash 180Mh/s 800W $-1.05/day
etchash 750Mh/s 1350W $-0.55/day
etchash 1.5Gh/s 2350W $-0.43/day
etchash 220Mh/s 1200W $-1.71/day

Ethash, serving as a proof-of-work algorithm, is crucial in preserving the stability and credibility of many blockchains like ETC. Decentralized mining that can be carried out using standard computer hardware, as enabled by Ethash, ensures that the network is not controlled by a few huge mining entities. One of Ethash's defining design features is its memory-intensive nature, making it challenging for attackers to perform a 51% attack, where they attempt to manipulate transactions by dominating the majority of the network's computing power. Ethash's need for a substantial amount of memory to carry out mining operations makes it challenging for attackers to acquire the resources necessary to launch such an attack.